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model mayhem creeps stalk women


We’ve all heard about online predators, but their techniques are as varied as the cowards themselves. Some men use legitimate websites for models and photographers, for instance, to place themselves close to attractive young women. Twenty-year-old Hayley Stewart was brave enough to tell me her story that began with a fake modelling agent and ended with rape. She hopes other women will come forward if they’ve also been assaulted.

Her story comes on the heels of a Vancouver man pleading guilty to secretly video taping women he contacted through the website Model Mayhem as they changed their clothes for a bogus fashion shoot.

model mayhem Predators May Be Preying on Young, Vulnerable Models


The National Women’s Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation says the sites could be feeding grounds for sexual predators. “We’re up to 13 or 14 cases that we’re familiar with,” Michelle Bart, the organization’s co-founder, told the Fox News affiliate in Colorado.

Nichols and Furlong were on a site called “Model Mayhem,” while Shelling had posted a profile on a site called “Explore Talent.”

Police haven’t ruled out anything yet, but the sites appear to have nothing to do with the disappearances. Rather, it appears that a person or persons may be using the sites to find young, vulnerable women.

model mayhem complaint review


I made 2 purchases to upgrade my Model Mayhem account to VIP but I still dont have my privileges. If this is a scam I do want my money back! I checked the status of my credit card and it says I’ve made the purchase so that means my money is gone. I need to know what happened it is not right if they took my money for nothing. Please contact me back and let me know what the problem is! Thanks

model mayhem girls become dead prostitutes


In 2005, Ms. Brainard-Barnes was a 22-year-old single mother who had difficulty holding down a steady job. She never could afford her own place, staying with her sister for long stretches and occasionally with a boyfriend. Modeling, she thought, could lead to a music career. As soon as she enrolled on a site called, she received dozens of e-mails from places that purported to be modeling agencies but that, after a few clicks, turned out to mean nude modeling and sometimes working as an escort. She wasn’t thrown by seeing this. What did surprise her was the money.

model mayhem poses danger for star-struck



FesAn aspiring model once asked Tobi Nichols whether it was safe to meet with a stranger. Specifically, whether it was safe to meet with a man searching the Internet for women open to doing a photo shoot in a strange location.

Fesmire, 22, is approximately 5 feet, 5 inches tall, has a slim to athletic build, long dark hair and blue eyes. She has a tattoo of a turntable on her right shoulder blade and a peacock feather on her right calf.

Fesmire was last seen July 1 by friends she was living with in Lewiston.

Investigators said anyone with information about Fesmire should call Lewiston Police Detective Roland Godbout at 513-3001, ext. 3319 or their local police.

Nichols, who owns a modeling agency in Freeport, found it baffling that the young woman didn’t immediately dismiss the idea and the man she met on a social networking website model mayhem.

model mayhem missing teen mothers fear the worst


It was an emotional encounter for two mothers who have never met each other but have much in common.

Julia Nichols has a daughter, Kara, and she wanted to be a model.

Tanya Mahaffey’s daughter, Raven, also loved posing for photos and dreamed of making it big in front of the camera.

Now both teenagers from the Denver area are missing after posting their photos on the website, Model Mayhem, an online forum connecting aspiring models with photographers and managers.

Tanya said, “My greatest fear is she is being held against her will.”

Julia said, “I believe a predator found my daughter on Model Mayhem.”

Kara was last seen in October leaving a rented home she shared in Colorado Springs.

Raven hasn’t been seen since early February when she left her house in Aurora.

Both girls were believed to be heading to modeling jobs and both haven’t been seen without a trace. Both mothers say they had no idea that their daughters had joined Model Mayhem.

model mayhem is the beginning of Jill mournings nightmare


That was six years ago in 2007 when she was just 19 years old. Jillian had placed an advertisement on the Model Mayhem site where many models try to self-start their careers. The site puts aspiring models in touch with photographers and agents, and has successfully launched the careers of more than a few beautiful women like Jill.

There is also a seedy element to the site, where model portfolios sometimes contain pictures of nude women with coded profile introductions that appear to be offering prostitution services, a practice that runs against the website’s terms of use. This was not the case with Ms. Mourning who legitimately advertised herself as a model. Her Model Mayhem page was noticed by someone representing himself as an agent, who quickly befriended her and began booking legitimate modeling opportunities for Jill not just in North Carolina but around the country.

Model Mayhem and human trafficking


If you haven’t heard of it Model Mayhem is a website for models and photographers to network and set up photo shoots. I read an article stating:

Trafficking and rape are at the heart of a federal lawsuit against the site’s owners, Internet Brands.

A woman said she was drugged, raped and trafficked during a supposed photo shoot she set up through Model Mayhem.

The plaintiff, Jane Doe, alleged she was drugged and raped on video then trafficked by two men, Emerson Callum and Lavont Flanders. The lawsuit states that Model Mayhem knew the two men had been committing these crimes to other women across the country and did not stop them or warn users on the site.

A judge on the trial threw out the suit in 2012, but an appeal is working its way through the judicial system in California.

Model mayhem Fake Photographer Charged With Raping Models Found


A model mayhem Fake Photographer Charged With Raping Models Found Online

WSVN TV News is reporting the arrest of a former Miami Beach police officer for the rape of at least two female models in Miramar, Florida.

Officials there say that 36-year-old Lavont Flanders Jr. lured beautiful young models by posing as a photographer and promising them a part in a commercial. He arranged to meet the models at a Miramar warehouse located at 3590 State Road 7, where he would drug and then sexually assault them